5 Ways to Keep Active at Work

If you work at a desk, you are likely one of many Americans who feel too busy to engage in a fitness routine, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. People who do not exercise, have decreased blood circulation, leading to health problems, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease. Making simple adjustments that require you to walk a little more and take a few more active breaks can, with a healthy diet, keep you active even at work. One great way to get started is a Yoga exercise program. Here is a list of the best beginner Yoga DVDs to get to started.

Visit Coworkers Instead of Emailing Them

Although emails are very useful for keeping a written record of interactions, you do not have to email about everything. Some offices even use inter-department chat systems, making instant communication more streamlined, in an attempt to boost productivity. However, not every communication must be performed instantly or in written form. For example, if you want to invite someone to lunch or an event after work, go ask them in person. Of course, wait until you are at a stopping point on a project, so that you do not detract from your productivity.Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

Use Stairs Instead of Elevators

Stair exercise

Many office buildings are equipped with a series of efficient elevators– handy when you are running late. In order to stay active at work, save elevators for emergencies, such as a medical condition that prevents you from walking up stairs. Walking up and down stairs is perhaps the most effective way to increase your heart rate in an office setting. Use the stairs whenever possible—not just when you are coming to work or going home, but when you need to go between floors to get to the bathroom, deliver something to another department, or get out for lunch.

Take Walking Breaks

Most workers are allowed one lunch break and two five- to 15-minute breaks in an eight-hour shift. Make the most of these breaks by choosing to get outside instead of dropping by the break room for a chat. Grab a walking buddy to help you stay motivated and go on a quick walk. Walking will get your heartrate up, increasing your circulation and leading to benefits, such as reduced blood pressure and weight loss. Sitting all day is also bad for your muscles, and taking a quick walk twice a day can keep them from losing tone.

Buy a Pair of Small Weights

Find a quick pick-me-up in the midst of a desk project by purchasing a pair of one or three pound weights. Experts say to prevent back pain; you should move positions once every 30 minutes. Set a quiet alarm at your desk to go off every 30 minutes and pull out these weights. You can stand up for a moment and do a few curls, or you can do curls from a seated position.

You can also purchase ankle weights and strap them on as you sit down for the day, pushing your chair out at regular intervals and doing leg lifts. Adding weights and performing small exercise sets throughout the day can temporarily increase your heartrate and maintain muscle tone. Eating right before exercise is a good idea, here are some good foods to power your workouts.

Park Far Away from the Entrance

Another way to increase your odds of staying active at work is parking far away from the door. Although this extra walking is only performed twice a day, at the most four times if you leave for lunch, this is enough to get your heart pumping– revving your metabolism right at the start of the day. As you are leaving work, this increased heart rate can help you shed stress from your work day and prepare your metabolism for a workout if you are heading to the gym after work. Be sure to leave a little earlier–if you arrive late to work, you will try to park close to the entrance, forcing you to lose this added metabolism booster.

Adding small things that boost heart rate during the work day is a great way to keep active even at a sedentary job. You do not have to be discouraged from leading a fit lifestyle by a job that requires you to sit all day. You can walk a little more often and take quick exercise breaks to make your health goals meet your work goals.

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